For many women, menopause sets in before they even realize what’s going on. Whether it’s a short temper, frequent overheating, insomnia, or problems remembering important engagements or tasks, menopause can slowly reveal itself and interrupt the flow of your daily life. While you can’t avoid or prevent menopause, there are plenty of ways to deal with menopause symptoms and make the transition a bit easier.

In this blog, your Jacksonville GYN team at Neuman GYN will give you tips and strategies to help you through the experience of menopause. With the right mindset and some tweaks to your lifestyle, you’ll be able to deal with its most common roadblocks!

Dealing With Stress During Menopause

Menopause or not, stress is just a part of everyday life—but menopause symptoms will only add to your stress. Here are a few ways to manage stress during menopause:

Get plenty of exercise.

If your body isn’t performing at its best, and you add on the complications of menopause, you’re going to deal with more severe menopause symptoms and feel less healthy in general. Living a healthy lifestyle is the easiest way to minimize the impact of menopause, and that all starts with frequent exercise. Exercising will naturally help you reduce stress and avoid health complications that can pile up, and you’ll feel and look better, too, which can do wonders for your stress levels!


Sometimes, all you need to do to relax is take a few deep breaths. Meditation twice a week can help you improve your circulation and breathing, clear your mind, and relieve some of your stress—all of which will help you more effectively deal with symptoms of menopause.

Shed stressful burdens.

If there’s something in your life that’s more stressful than fulfilling, this is the time to get rid of it. Unnecessary life stress will only exacerbate your menopause symptoms—shed the stress for the best possible menopause experience.

Talk to someone you trust.

The beauty of menopause is that you’re not alone. Women all around you have gone through menopause or are going through menopause right now—so don’t be afraid to reach out to the women in your life when you’re struggling to deal with menopause. If you have friends close to your age, there’s a chance they’re experiencing menopause symptoms at the same time you are. These are the friends that will gladly complain with you about hot flashes and mood swings, and will be there for you in the toughest moments of your experience. Sometimes, all you need during a tough time is to have a friend to suffer with—it makes the difficulties easier to overcome.

Talk to your Jacksonville GYN.

If you’re having trouble dealing with symptoms of menopause, it’s time to pay a visit to the professionals at Neuman OB/GYN. Our expert staff members will help you find the right solutions and strategies so you can be less stressed throughout your entire experience. Don’t wait—schedule an appointment with Neuman GYN today.