1. Should I Switch My Birth Control?

    Many women get on birth control from a fairly young age, for a variety of reasons. Some are trying to prevent pregnancy, some are wanting lighter and less intense period symptoms, and in some instances, women love birth control for its effects on reducing acne. No matter when you started birth control, it tends to become such a routine that it eventually fades into the background. But for as many …Read More

  2. Myths About Your Period

    Half the population goes through a menstrual cycle at some point in their lives. For the sheer number of people who experience menstruation, one would think that there’d be a wealth of knowledge and information surrounding periods — but this is not the case. In fact, there are so many myths (and even stigmas) that exist regarding menstruation, that even women themselves are often misled. Our w…Read More

  3. Best Remedies For Cramps

    It happens every month like clockwork. The slow, dull ache, that turns quickly into a roaring, searing pain. You can’t tell if you’re ever going to be able to get out of the fetal position again, or if laying on the couch is really even helping. Is ice cream going to fix it? Chocolate? What, if anything, can possibly make these horrendous period cramps go away? Gynecologist Dr. Carole Neuman h…Read More

  4. Supporting Partners And Their Birth Control, Part II

    Welcome back to our blog series on supporting significant others who use birth control! Whether it’s your wife, your girlfriend, your fiancée, or even just a female friend, there are always ways that we can help our loved ones feel supported when dealing with the issues that birth control can present. Take a look at some of the tips offered from our GYN clinic, and schedule your next visit with…Read More

  5. Supporting Partners And Their Birth Control

    As an article from Broadly talked about in excellent detail, the responsibility of birth control nearly always falls on the woman taking it. This comes as no surprise to most women who have been in relationships with men — from IUDs to Plan B to getting on the pill, the expenses of birth control are mostly shouldered alone. At Neuman GYN, you can trust that our women’s health clinic and gyneco…Read More

  6. Menstrual Disorders

    Half the population (in fact, a little bit more than half) has experienced a period, or will at some point in their life. For some, that monthly menstrual cycle is a nuisance, a bringer of discomfort, a feeling of heightened emotional sensitivity, and a worry about having the right supplies on deck. For others, a period is just another day, with hardly anything unusual to comment about (lucky them…Read More

  7. Do You Have To See An GYN For A Yeast Infection?

    Whether or not you have ever had a yeast infection, it is likely that you at the very least know what they are. As something that many women deal with often, the ‘rumor mill’ surrounding this infection has certainly run wild. In this post, we want to answer all of the questions you have regarding yeast infections, including whether or not it is necessary to see your doctor when you suspect you…Read More

  8. What Is Causing Your Nipple Soreness?

    It is incredibly common for women to experience some nipple pain and soreness every once in a while. However, just because it is normal, doesn’t make it any less frustrating when it happens. When our patients report to us that their nipples have been sore, sensitive, or tender, there are plenty of reasons we can hypothesize is causing this symptom. If you are currently going experiencing nipple …Read More

  9. Signs You Should See a Gynecologist

    Prevention is the ultimate defense against future women’s health issues—which is why visits to your gynecologist are critical, especially when you think you might be experiencing a problem. But when is it really time to call the gynecologist? In this blog, the Jacksonville GYN team at Neuman GYN will take a look at signs that you should see a gynecologist. With awareness of common health issue…Read More

  10. Dealing With Menopause

    For many women, menopause sets in before they even realize what’s going on. Whether it’s a short temper, frequent overheating, insomnia, or problems remembering important engagements or tasks, menopause can slowly reveal itself and interrupt the flow of your daily life. While you can’t avoid or prevent menopause, there are plenty of ways to deal with menopause symptoms and make the transitio…Read More