Welcome back to our blog series on supporting significant others who use birth control! Whether it’s your wife, your girlfriend, your fiancée, or even just a female friend, there are always ways that we can help our loved ones feel supported when dealing with the issues that birth control can present. Take a look at some of the tips offered from our GYN clinic, and schedule your next visit with Dr. Carole Neuman in Jacksonville today!

Help offset costs.

Birth control — no matter what the method — costs money. While certain forms may be covered by insurance, this isn’t a guarantee, and sometimes the side effects mean additional costs can arise.

Helping offset the costs doesn’t mean you have to pay for procedures, though that is always an option. Pick up some tampons or pads, either to have at your place, or to help supply your partner’s home. Keep some Midol or ibuprofen on hand, and restock as necessary. If the need to purchase Plan B comes up, at the very least, offer to split the price. Buy or cook dinner to help when your loved one is dealing with some negative symptoms. In each of these instances, you’re lessening the responsibilities of your female partner, and the gratitude will absolutely be there.

Listen to her needs.

It may be your first instinct to try and fix the problem; to get medicine, bring out a heating pad, or anything else of the sort. While that notion of helping out is commendable, it might not be what she needs. Ask, and sometimes be specific in how you ask for what she needs. Saying things like “Do you want to hang out, or do you want some space?” or “Can I pick up dinner? Or do you have plans?” shows that you’re here, but you’re also being receptive of what she needs. Sometimes trying to just jump right in and save the day is missing the point of what might help the most.

Respect her choices.

Switching up birth control is pretty common for many women to do. While many women use birth control methods and never experience any problems, many — if not most — have switched their method because of negative side effects. If this issue comes up for your partner, do everything you can to respect her decision. If she opts to take a break from birth control or no longer use it (and you both are still trying not to get pregnant), have conversations, and continue to respect her choices — as well as offer solutions which involve your contribution.

In addition to respecting her choices…

Respect the impact birth control may have on her.

Many women who use hormonal or non-hormonal forms of birth control experience any variety of side effects, as we talked about in our last blog. If you recognize a change in her mood, differences in her body, variances in her energy, or anything else, talk with her about it — but also recognize that if birth control is suspected to be the culprit, this isn’t something she can control.

Do your best to be supportive, caring, empathetic, and be grateful for what your partner is contributing to your relationship. Words of appreciation are always excellent, but never forget that actions speak louder than words. Your empathy and compassion will show in how you treat her.

Offer to come to any GYN appointments.

Some women have no problem coming to a GYN clinic on their own (especially when it’s one that’s as caring and welcoming as Neuman GYN), and some might have a fear of doctors that makes this kind of visit an initially-anxious one. The very least you can do is offer to come with, and to be a form of support who’s by her side.

Keep in mind, certain appointments — particularly any procedural ones, such as an IUD insertion or removal — might be more essential for you to visit. After these types of procedures, women aren’t always able to drive or move without considerable pain, and for many visits, it’s recommended that another person accompanies them. No matter what the outcome of you offering to come with to your partner’s next appointment, there’s a good chance that she will feel loved and supported in you doing what you can to be there for her.

At Neuman GYN, we are committed to women’s health and women’s care. We have built our legacy around supporting women in the Jacksonville area, ensuring that our GYN clinic is a place where women’s needs are put first, and where everyone who enters will be represented. We also know that when you, as a compassionate partner, do your best to support the woman in your life — especially when it comes to birth control — everyone will prosper. Make all future visits to Neuman GYN, where gynecologist Dr. Carole Neuman will do everything possible to create an exemplary experience for every woman. Give us a call today.