If you have been struggling with hair loss and find yourself feeling insecure about thinning hair, AmnioFix treatments could be the right option for you. This is a unique treatment that stimulates scalp and hair growth, allowing you to enjoy a full head of hair again!

What is AmnioFix?

AmnioFix is a product we utilize that was developed by MiMedx, a tissue processing company that develops collagen-rich products from placental tissue. AmnioFix contains 226 different growth factors and cytokines known to enhance healing and stimulate hair growth. It was originally designed to treat sports-related injuries, but researchers found that it stimulated other types of natural cells in the body. 

AmnioFix works by stimulating cell migration and cell growth in areas that have been dormant for years. For those with thinning hair, this allows for the ability to grow hair where it’s been missing for years, while also healing the scalp.

What is the process?

Our hair restoration treatment is performed by our skilled medical aesthetician. This process begins with a numbing cream followed by a microneedling treatment of the area, which is followed by the addition of AmnioFix. The small holes created in the skin by our microneedling device allows for the AmnioFix to enter the dermal layer. The AmnioFix then stimulates your NATURAL hair to grow in!

AmnioFix has other benefits if added to other treatments, such as microneedling of the face and laser skin resurfacing. AmnioFix’s stem cell growth factors, similar to PRP, allow for increased healing time and heightened results, leaving skin smooth and tighter than before. This is added to our microneedling treatment of the face to achieve a non-surgical facelift.

The procedure can be done in 15 to 20 minutes and you will begin to see results within the first month after treatment and your new hair will continue to grow for 16 weeks. AmnioFix can do wonders for new hair growth and can speed up your healing time.

If you have thinning hair and have tried almost everything to restore your hair, it is time to give AmnioFix a try! Be sure to schedule an appointment at Carole Neuman, MD Aesthetics & Gynecology in Jacksonville to learn more and see if this aesthetic treatment is right for you!