1. The Risks Of Getting An IUD

    There are plenty of benefits to getting an IUD. You could have birth control that lasts anywhere from three years to a decade or longer. You won’t have to worry about getting refills on prescriptions, such as is the case with the pill, and if you go with a copper IUD, you won’t have to deal with hormones — a huge benefit if your body is sensitive to added hormones. The procedure is relativel…Read More

  2. All Your IUD Questions, Answered

    Many women end up at the same place you’re at right now: weighing out your contraceptive options, trying to find the best form of birth control, and wondering if an IUD is right for you. We’ve all heard the myths and the horror stories, and we’ve also heard some high praise and recommendation for this T-shaped type of birth control. Gynecologist Dr. Carole Neuman is here to give you the fact…Read More