1. The Truth About STI Myths

    As far as myths go, the world of STI information is rampant with them. People make countless assumptions about STIs, and much of this is because there’s still a lot of stigma that exists with STIs. Our gynecologist Dr. Carole Neuman is here to set the record straight. Take a look at some of the most common STIs that exist, and contact Neuman GYN to set up an appointment and to put your health as…Read More

  2. Self-Care Tips In Election Season

    The politics in this country have been especially tumultuous in the years following the presidential election. No matter what side of the political spectrum you fall on, it can be very taxing to live in a period of such discourse and din. Recently, this has been an especially exhausting time for women. You might not feel affected whatsoever by the politics that are directly impacting what it means…Read More

  3. The Risks Of Getting An IUD

    There are plenty of benefits to getting an IUD. You could have birth control that lasts anywhere from three years to a decade or longer. You won’t have to worry about getting refills on prescriptions, such as is the case with the pill, and if you go with a copper IUD, you won’t have to deal with hormones — a huge benefit if your body is sensitive to added hormones. The procedure is relativel…Read More

  4. All Your IUD Questions, Answered

    Many women end up at the same place you’re at right now: weighing out your contraceptive options, trying to find the best form of birth control, and wondering if an IUD is right for you. We’ve all heard the myths and the horror stories, and we’ve also heard some high praise and recommendation for this T-shaped type of birth control. Gynecologist Dr. Carole Neuman is here to give you the fact…Read More

  5. Menopause Symptoms And Treatment Part II

    Welcome back to Part II of our blog series on menopausal symptoms and treatment! In our first blog, we covered vaginal dryness, hot flashes, and irregular periods, and will continue today with weight gain, hair thinning/hair loss, night sweats, and mood changes. This isn’t a complete list of every symptom that a woman might experience during menopause, but it does give a good sense of what some …Read More

  6. Menopause Symptoms And Treatment

    As if women don’t already have enough on their plate, menopause eventually comes around to rear its ugly head. Or it comes around and isn’t all that bad. Or it’s not too much of a shift, except for those hot flashes which are no joke. No matter how your body deals with menopause, there can be some uncomfortable side effects. The good news is that there are treatment options available, and wa…Read More

  7. Should I Switch My Birth Control?

    Many women get on birth control from a fairly young age, for a variety of reasons. Some are trying to prevent pregnancy, some are wanting lighter and less intense period symptoms, and in some instances, women love birth control for its effects on reducing acne. No matter when you started birth control, it tends to become such a routine that it eventually fades into the background. But for as many …Read More

  8. Do You Have To See An GYN For A Yeast Infection?

    Whether or not you have ever had a yeast infection, it is likely that you at the very least know what they are. As something that many women deal with often, the ‘rumor mill’ surrounding this infection has certainly run wild. In this post, we want to answer all of the questions you have regarding yeast infections, including whether or not it is necessary to see your doctor when you suspect you…Read More

  9. What Is Causing Your Nipple Soreness?

    It is incredibly common for women to experience some nipple pain and soreness every once in a while. However, just because it is normal, doesn’t make it any less frustrating when it happens. When our patients report to us that their nipples have been sore, sensitive, or tender, there are plenty of reasons we can hypothesize is causing this symptom. If you are currently going experiencing nipple …Read More

  10. Signs You Should See a Gynecologist

    Prevention is the ultimate defense against future women’s health issues—which is why visits to your gynecologist are critical, especially when you think you might be experiencing a problem. But when is it really time to call the gynecologist? In this blog, the Jacksonville GYN team at Neuman GYN will take a look at signs that you should see a gynecologist. With awareness of common health issue…Read More