The politics in this country have been especially tumultuous in the years following the presidential election. No matter what side of the political spectrum you fall on, it can be very taxing to live in a period of such discourse and din. Recently, this has been an especially exhausting time for women.

You might not feel affected whatsoever by the politics that are directly impacting what it means to be a woman right now, and that’s your personal experience — our women’s health clinic think these are great tips for anyone to use, at any time of year. But for millions of women, even those right here in Duval County, they are tired. They’re tired of seeing politicians who have said some horrible things about women end up in power. They’re scared of the politicians who continue forming laws to limit a woman’s right to contraception. They’re remembering all the moments where they weren’t treated like a person — and every woman has them — because they weren’t a man.

Neuman GYN understands that for many women right now, this is a scary and infuriating time. We’ve compiled some tips to help you take care of yourself right now, because to our women’s health clinic, your well-being is always our top priority. Take care of yourself in this upcoming election season, a time where everything seems to come out of the woodwork, and work with gynecologist Dr. Neuman for the best in women’s health services.

Unplug frequently and often.

Social media is an amazing tool, but during these turbulent times, scrolling through news feeds can easily start to bring us down. It’s great to be informed, but it’s equally great to recognize when you need a break from social media. By simply not looking at your phone or scrolling the web, for even 30 minutes to an hour less a day, you’ll find yourself feeling better, and more optimistic about things as a whole.

Keep a gratitude journal.

When you start feeling down, anxious, or worried about the current state of things, it can be really hard to shake those thoughts of doom and gloom. Take some time every single day to list at least six things that you’re grateful for. Here are a few ideas:

  • Shelter
  • Food
  • Friendships
  • Family
  • Technology
  • Opportunities
  • Travel plans (past or future)
  • Weather and seasons
  • Jobs
  • Moments that made you smile
  • Things you love about yourself

The list can go on and on, and it should! Taking a moment to be thankful for all that you do have is one of the best ways to remember that there are still plenty of good things out there.

We’ll continue with some more ideas in our next blog. In the meantime, remember that giving incredible care and love to yourself means taking care of yourself and your health. Our women’s health clinic is here to provide you with the compassionate care you need to stay healthy and feel at your best. Stay tuned for our next blog, and make your appointment with Neuman GYN for the best in gynecological services.